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double_ryoma's Journal

Endou Yuuya - 遠藤雄弥
20 March
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Apparently, (according to a personality quiz I took) I'm an Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Perceiver. People of this type tend to be: logical, pragmatic, and matter of fact; quiet, unassuming, and autonomous; realistic, pragmatic, and aloof; impulsive and curious about the physical world; flexible and resourceful; objective and unemotional.

The most important thing to ISTPs is the freedom to act independently and follow their impulses.

Ha ha... It almost sounds like a robot... except they discribe me as being impulsive and curious... interesting...


[[RP journal for crackmyu!]]

Everything said here is based on what little I know about the real Endou Yuuya-san.